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Privacy Policy

Infoteria Corporation’s policy regarding the protection of private information

Purpose of this Privacy Policy
The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to explain our policy regarding the handling of private information on the Infoteria Corporation (herein referred to as “Infoteria”) website and to provide information pertaining to the user choices regarding the handling of private information collected by Infoteria.
Please be aware that services that Infoteria does not offer independently, such as websites with content offered in conjunction with a business partner, are handled under additional Privacy Policies and separate Privacy Policies.
Our policy regarding the protection of private information
The protection of private user information is an important issue to Infoteria. In order to protect private user information, Infoteria has created a Privacy Policy explaining the common practices of Infoteria regarding private information and user choices regarding the methods of collecting, using, and disclosing private user information. In order to make this policy easy for users to find, it is accessible from the Infoteria website as well as in areas which require private information.
Information we collect
This Privacy Policy applies to all information collected by Infoteria including private information and all information provided to Infoteria. “Private Information” is information pertaining to living individuals, and refers to data which can identify a specific individual via a name, date of birth, and other statements included in such information (including data which can be easily compared to other information to identify a specific individual).
Infoteria collects private information in the following instances.

  • When a user account is created so that a user can become a member of the Infoteria website or other services that Infoteria offers
  • When a user purchases Infoteria products and services online
  • When a user conducts user registration
  • When a user requests support for Infoteria products or services
  • When a user requests information or resources from Infoteria (such as White Papers)
  • When a user participates in Infoteria surveys and evaluations
  • When a user participates in an Infoteria promotion contest or prize giveaway
  • When a user contacts or leaves a comment for Infoteria
  • When a user seeks a job with Infoteria and replies to Infoteria recruiting

Infoteria also collects private information with individual consent at meetings, trade shows, and expositions.
Collected private information includes the following data (however, it is not limited to such).

  • The user’s full name
  • The user’s title and the name of the organization to which the user belongs
  • Actual addresses such as the home address and the billing address of the user (prefecture and city name, etc.)
  • The user’s Email address
  • The user’s telephone number
  • Any other information specified by the user for use when Infoteria contacts the user online or offline
  • Information collected online and stored by Infoteria related to the user’s account, including the following information
    – The user’s name for Infoteria services
    – The user’s password for Infoteria services
    – Information regarding the user’s credit card
How we use private user information
Infoteria may use the private information collected from users for the following purposes.

  • Creating and maintaining user accounts
  • Processing and confirmation in accordance with user requests
  • Infoteria product registration for users
  • Answering questions from users
  • Registering users for programs (based on user request)
  • Sending information to users
  • Sending surveys to users
  • When considering applicants for employment

Infoteria also uses this private information in order to supply to the user information related to user accounts and products and services purchased by the user from Infoteria, to better understand user needs, to improve Infoteria products and services, and to label items to be delivered with the appropriate name and address.
Sharing of private user information
Infoteria shall not share or provide private information supplied by the user to Infoteria to any third parties without user consent except in the following cases. Infoteria can disclose/provide private information from the user to a third party in the following cases.

  • When it is necessary to execute purchase orders, to process invoices and credit cards, to provide services, and for Email housing
    (or other matters resulting from any use of private information previously explained within this Privacy Policy)
  • When it is required by law
    (when responding to valid summons, warrants, tax audits, or administrational institution measures or when preventing illicit acts)
  • For survey activity such as submission of statistical reports
    (the collected information is used to explain Infoteria services to present and future partners and other third parties, and not used to contact the subjects of the reports)
  • For corporate transactions such as mergers, buyouts, integrations, division sell-offs, etc.
    (usage of this information is conditional on the pledge by the receiving party stating compliance with a confidentiality agreement to refrain from using the information for any purpose other than the corporate transaction)
  • When approved by laws related to the protection of private information
  • When disclosed to subcontractors with whom we have an existing non-disclosure agreement, and only within the permitted scope of use
Our policy regarding safe protection of data
In addition to conducting employee training regarding the Infoteria Privacy Policy, Infoteria discloses the Infoteria Privacy Policy to Infoteria business partners as well. Also, Infoteria’s website uses a technology called Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which encodes private information when it is transmitted to the Infoteria website. Furthermore, Infoteria and business partners of Infoteria enter into a confidentiality agreement requiring caution and preventative measures in order to prevent the loss, misuse, and disclosing of private user information.
User selections available for receiving Email
Infoteria endeavors to provide an environment where users can opt in or out of receiving Emails from Infoteria and Infoteria’s partners.
Infoteria shall send Emails to users in the following cases.

  • In order to send notifications to a user regarding that’s user account
  • In order to send notifications to a user regarding products purchased by that user
  • In order to send notifications to a user regarding services purchased by that user
  • In order to answer questions and comments from users

Also, Infoteria shall send to users Emails which include information regarding products and services which match each user’s interests and special information except for in the case wherein a user has opted to not receive such Emails. In addition, with user consent, Infoteria’s business partners will also send such information to users.
A user can inform us whether or not that user wishes to receive promotional materials, information, or special information from Infoteria or a business partner when creating a user account in the Infoteria website, when registering for any service, when the providing private user information to Infoteria, and when Infoteria sends an Email to the user. Note that when a user opts not to receive advertisement Emails, that user cannot receive special information which may benefit that user.
Infoteria continually provides chances for users to opt out of direct marketing communication. All advertisement Emails sent from Infoteria contains information which allows the user to choose to refuse receiving such Emails in the future. Users can send a correspondence to Infoteria via either of the following addresses requesting the termination of all correspondence, or termination of correspondence via Email.

  • Email :
  • Standard postal address :
    C/O Private Information Manager
    Infoteria Corporation
    10th Floor, NT Building
    1-47-1 Oi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan 140-0014

Notwithstanding the foreoing, in order to protect users, Infoteria shall contact users in the case wherein an issue arises necessitating immediate caution regarding a problem pertaining to products or services purchased by the user.
Information regarding cookies and browsers
Infoteria’s website automatically takes control of the user’s IP address. Controlled IP addresses are used to solve problems related to Infoteria’s server, for website management, and for safety management when the user uses the Infoteria website. Also, they are also used to identify users and user shopping carts.
Also, in order to provide services that correspond to individual user demand, Infoteria stores user information and uses tracking cookies. A cookie is light data sent from a website to the user’s browser to be saved in the hard drive of the user’s computer. In some cases it is necessary for cookies to be received in the user’s browser for websites where logging in is required and for the Infoteria website, where individual user services are provided.
If a user does not desire for private information to be stored via cookies, that user may set the cookie option in the browser to off or set the browser to request authorization for cookies each time they are sent. However, in some cases providing certain products and services requires the use of cookies. Please be aware that turning cookies off will result in a lowering of performance and functionality of this website. Detailed information regarding the method for setting cookie authorization can be found in the user’s browser manual.
About the open forum
The open forum consists of user oriented chat rooms, forums, message boards, news groups, etc. Be aware that information disclosed via such an online service generally becomes public material. Be careful when disclosing your own private information in this environment. Infoteria values each user’s opinion and facilitates freedom of speech. However, in order to maintain the forum, Infoteria reserves the right to take necessary steps, such as eliminating statements which disturb the public order.
Our policy regarding the protection of the private information of children
Due to our special concern for the privacy of children, Infoteria does not accept private information online from children that Infoteria knows to be under 13 years old (which is the age of a “child” as defined under Japanese law). Infoteria will not allow anyone that Infoteria knows to be under 13 years old to become a registered member of the Infoteria website, nor will Infoteria allow such an individual to purchase products or services via the Infoteria website. Infoteria will also not collect or ask for private information from any individual that Infoteria knows to be under 13 years old.
Regarding links to other websites
The Infoteria website includes links to other websites. However, Infoteria bears absolutely no liability for the information collection practices of websites which can be accessed via links from the Infoteria website. If a problem arises concerning the information collection practices of such a website, contact the webmaster of that site directly.
How to access, change, and update user information
Users are able to request alterations and updating of their own private information at any time. When this is necessary, write the details to be changed and send a request for alteration to via Email.
Contacting us
If users have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy or the use of private user information by Infoteria, they may contact Infoteria via Email () or at the following postal mail address.

C/O Private Information Manager, Administrative Department
Infoteria Corporation
10th Floor, NT Building
1-47-1 Oi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan 140-001
Changes to this Privacy Policy
Infoteria possesses the right to alter the Infoteria policy regarding privacy as needed. When such an alteration occurs, a notice of the alteration will be listed on this website for a period of 30 days starting from the day of the alteration.

* This Privacy Policy was last updated on Sep 1, 2009.