• High-performance: more responsive apps
  • 365-day email support & upgrades: worry-free projects
  • Unlimited usage per CPU: one price covers it all
  • The best XLSX/OOXML fidelity and features available in Java
ExtenXLS is the fastest and most reliable Java spreadsheet SDK available.
For over 10-years, hundreds of companies worldwide have depended upon ExtenXLS for their Java applications to read, edit, generate, and display Excel spreadsheets.
Excel 97-2010 Compatible
Powerful, easy to use API – Create and execute 200+ high-performance Excel-compatible formul-as.
ExtenXLS Java Swing Component
Embed custom spreadsheets in your Java Swing applications with an Excel-compatible spreadsheet component supporting features such as advanced formatting, images, and hyperlinks.

ExtenXLS Features

Reusing Business Logic and Spreadsheet Templates ExtenXLS maximizes the ROI from your existing investment in spreadsheets and Excel skills by giving you the power to embed spreadsheets in any Java application. With robust charting, total control over formatting, and live data capabilities, applications such as BI and Workflow Management can be customized by business users using Excel and then implemented directly in your Java applications with a few lines of code. ExtenXLS allows your users to maintain business logic and report templates using Excel formulas they have already mastered.

Governance and Control When your applications re-use centralized spreadsheets, you eliminate the versioning and compliance problems created by emailing spreadsheets.Compliance and security can be ensured with event-driven versioning and logging, as well as cell and sheet-level locking with password protection and up to 256-bit WorkBook encryption.

Multi-Platform Office Compatibility With full support for Excel ’97-2010, ExtenXLS provides the most high-performance and robust handling of Excel spreadsheets available.Using this mature commercial-grade class library, you can be sure that ExtenXLS will not corrupt your Excel spreadsheets, and can handle any input Excel files no matter how complex. Written entirely in Java, ExtenXLS is compatible with any operating system running Java 1.5 or later.

One Year of Email Support With unmatched tech-support, fast turnaround, and customer-centric focus, ExtenXLS is the spreadsheet development tool trusted by dozens of leading companies including IBM, JPMorgan, BofA, the Nielsen Co.,and Toyota.