We create software products which help people and systems to connect and communicate. Infoteria revolutionized the Enterprise Application Integration space by a GUI driven integration engine which eliminated the need for programming. That resulted in the EAI product Asteria to become the dominant product in EAI category and gained almost 50% of market share in Japan. Asteria even beat global players like Microsoft and IBM in this category in Japan.

Infoteria has its roots in XML. The two cofounders cut their teeth in global companies like Lotus, DEC, Canon/NeXT and realized that in general, Japanese software products are more focused on Japanese standards. Infoteria realized the need to work with global standard and planted evangelized Japan on XML. XML based software products helped Infoteria develop the mindset of building software products which work across most platforms and devices seamlessly.

This experience of working across various devices has now culminated in a business focused App which works across all major mobile devices. This App called Handbook lets business users pull together ALL their content needed in a specific business situation. Then this content can be used from any mobile device to present to the audience in a visual and logical manner. We already have DropBox for storing the needed content and is available in alphabetical order. Handbook creates a wrapper which brings in only the needed content and then presents it beautifully so that presenter and audience, both can focus on the business. This is a relatively new category and new use cases are still being discovered.

Handbook had quickly become the leader in this category in Japan where some of the largest (small as well) companies are already using Handbook. As part of the global strategy, Infoteria has established Infoteria America to bring this product to North America. First pilots are already underway and so far we are finding that Handbook is delivering value to American customers as well as customer have experienced in Japan. In fact, we are discovering new use cases in the vibrant North American market.